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AugMentor is a professional, partner-based, innovative Strategic Planning mentoring service that works with business owners, assisting them to determine their strategic objectives, prepare plans to deliver those objectives and decisively implement the plans.

This respected, highly qualified organisation - with over 250 years of business experience invested in the Partners - works directly with companies, as Mentors. They provide expert advice and specialist
guidance, and more importantly stay with the clients until their issues
are successfully resolved.

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What AugMentor Do

for businesses & professionals.

Our key purpose is to help businesses and professional organisations reap the benefits of strategic planning: chief among these being CLARITY, FOCUS & GROWTH.

This is facilitated through a unique Strategic Planning process, followed by regular attendance at Review/Board meetings to inspire and benchmark performance. We will help you to:

  • » Gain CLARITY in planning, implementation and communication
  • » FOCUS on business outcomes and generate new ideas for increasing profitability
  • » Plan your road map for GROWTH and control your progress to those objectives

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Working Together for Your Business.
Our partners' offer a wide range of skills and experience to help you succeed.

International, National or Regional. AugMentor offers clarity, focus, growth through mentoring at any level of your business or professional career.

Meet the Team
View our partners' profiles and see the range of knowledge we have to offer your business or you.

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"It was very good to have the discussion last week, and it was really great to have your input. You gave us the opportunity to think about the possibilities we have in a strategic way. You had an important role in this process. Many thanks!”

Business Owner

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