Case Studies



  • » Problem: An Innovative food start up company with high growth potential needed to grow in a highly competitive market. Read case study
  • » Problem: An International specialist training provider was running into difficulty. The contract they were working on that was nearing an end was running into contractual/financial difficulties even though all training targets were being exceeded. Read case study
  • » Problem: The client is a major UK independent convenience retailer with 300+ stores and needs to understand and develop it's Fresh Food business. Read case study
  • » Problem: The client has a business generating turnover of around £400k a year, but growth was proving difficult. Read case study
  • » Problem: Running two businesses meant that the business owner had insufficient human resources to run both profitably so what was the solution? Read case study
  • » Problem: A major national food manufacturer had outgrown its warehousing capacity, which resulted in spiraling costs and poor customer service. Read case study
  • » Problem: An award winning Hairdressing business was operating close to capacity and considering how best to expand. Read case study
  • » Problem: A mainland European e-Retailer was considering launching in the UK, but was unsure how best to manage the physical fulfillment. Read case study
  • » Problem: A manufacturer had found itself in difficulties following a lean year trading, a less than ideal managing director and the overall business climate. Read case study

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"We engaged with AugMentor very early on in the formation of our environmental software business Green 2020 and it has to be said that without AugMentor we would not have achieved as much as we have to date in such a short space of time.

AugMentor brought clarity, reason, focus and logic all of which become blurred in the excitement of the creation of a new venture. I can without hesitation recommend AugMentor to any business whether in start up mode or accelerated growth mode and defy any hard nosed businessman or entrepreneur to not see a significant positive transformation of their business."

Philip Emsley, Director, Green 2020 Ltd

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