How we do it & how we work


Whether successful or facing a specific issue, as the owner/leader of a business enterprise’ you are likely to be facing one or a combination of the following challenges:

  • » Money - not earning enough or borrowing too much?
  • » Competitive advantage – is it disappearing, if so: why?
  • » People - do you have enough and are they the right ones?
  • » Time - how are you spending it and are you being effective?
  • » Sustainability – can you maintain long term profitability?
  • » Your role - are you doing what you are best at?

AugMentor partners help you deal with these issues, resolving them completely or mitigating their impact on you and your business, by facilitating your implementation planning at the strategic level.

Business Advisory


Experience demonstrates that when businesses look ahead and have a clear strategy, they significantly out-perform their competitors. Our key purpose is to help businesses and professional organisations reap the benefits of strategic planning: chief among these being CLARITY, FOCUS & GROWTH. With over 250 years of business experience our Partners work directly with companies, as Mentors, providing expert advice and guidance; and more importantly staying until the issue or strategy is successfully resolved.

Self Assess

Assess your condition in just two minutes:.
Can you answer yes to all of these questions?
  • » Do you have a 5 year Strategic Plan (not just financial forecasts)?
  • » Do you have written goals/objectives?
  • » Do you spend time planning next year’s activities (and next month’s)?
  • » Do you have information systems that allow you to make good decisions?
  • » Do you have the right people to achieve your goals?
  • » Do you have an effective marketing and sales process?
  • » Do you regularly review your products and services?
  • » Do you plan and control your finances effectively?
  • » Do you continually try to improve how you do business?
  • » Do you feel in control of your future?
If you answered NO to ANY of these questions, then why not talk to an AugMentor partner today!