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AugMentor is proactive in the business community and runs events and information workshops throughout the UK. Here you can find all news relating to these events and other activities.
Augmentor Partner Peter Heath, has been a member of the Plymouth Science Park Advisory Board since its inception in 2013. The article below was published by the Plymouth Science Park in August 2014.
Plymouth IT company growing on the Park
A Plymouth IT company has grown by 20 per cent this year and is planning to recruit four new members to its ten-strong team before Christmas. Based at Plymouth Science Park, Acronyms is also expanding its remit to offer clients an even wider range of IT support services, particularly in the growing field of cloud computing and software development.
Priding itself on excellent customer service and jargon-free communication, Acronyms was set up by Dave Smith and Amos Swan in 2003 and moved to the Park in 2009. Mainly working for large companies, the business has clients across the UK as well as in the US and Scandinavia. Its services include IT support, hardware/software sales, website design, development and IT security.
Acronyms was one of the first business to join the Plymouth Science Park’s Advisory Board, a new scheme that gives companies on the Park the support of an experienced business leader.
Working with their Advisor, Peter Heath, Acronyms have now developed a five-year strategy for the business and are working to clearly-defined monthly targets. The collaboration has resulted in them expanding their sales and marketing remit to reach new customers.
Amos Swan of Acronyms said: “The Plymouth Science Park Advisory Board scheme has been very beneficial to Acronyms. We are IT people who love what we do, but over the last decade we’ve also had to learn to be MDs. By working with our advisor we found that we were generally getting it right but now we’re doing it even better.”
Dave Smith of Acronyms added: “The Advisory Board scheme has helped us grow – without it, we were risking reaching a ceiling. The company has been through highs and lows over the last year, but with our Advisor’s support we have been able to grow the business significantly. We have lots of exciting new projects underway – we are expanding our hosting capabilities through cloud services and remote back up and focusing on software development.”
Plymouth Science Park Advisory Board Member Peter Heath said: “When I first started working with Acronyms I was really impressed by their customer service, evidenced by the fact that they have held onto some clients since they set up 11 years ago. While they were clearly busy and working hard for their customers, I felt they needed more discipline to move the business forward.
“I have worked with them to develop a culture of longer-term planning and of focusing on what generates more profit for the business. I have also helped them develop their capability to grow the company and constantly review what they do.
“They responded really well to being challenged. The future looks extremely good for Acronyms.”
Plymouth Science Park Advisory Board was formed in 2013. High quality business advisers with a diverse range of experience provide up to 100 hours of expert advice to high growth businesses.
Peter Heath has a background in corporate management and has worked for a number of multi-national companies, particularly within the field of technology.
- See more at: http://www.plymouthsciencepark.com/news/plymouth-it-company-growing-on-the-park#sthash.5c2u9mKk.dpuf

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